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"Olivia Cruz, DPT is very professional! She helped me a lot, I appreciate her good work very much..."
Jan 07, 2021
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"Such a wonderful place. What an incredible team, putting the patient first and working together for a successful rehab. I started PT so certain I would never heal and thank you to Chelsea and Liz and my aides, I'm almost back to where I was. Thank you all!"
Jan 06, 2021
"I highly and strongly recommend this company for anyone that wants a speedy recovery from their injury. My journey with this company started back around Feb 2020 when I broke both my Fibula and Tibia. After surgeries, it was time for rehab. The staffs were great and friendly. They were knowledgeable in their field, and if you have any questions, they will not rush to explain them to you. The place was clean and well organized. The equipment was excellent and well maintained. I want to thank the TEAM at this company for treating me. I got to know them pretty well during my time there at therapy. I want to thank Steve for his friendship and him treating me. Steve was patient in massaging and treating my foot and explaining the whole bone healing process and treatment. He explained what I needed to do at home to recover faster, and I did follow his advice. Also, I want to thank Kat, Estevan, Samantha, Tina, and Tiffany for going through the exercises with me. Not but not least, I want to thank the front desk for following up on some items for me(i.e., Anna, Liz, and Jared). Overall, great job, and continue with the great work that you are doing to help others!"
Nov 27, 2020
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"I had an ACL replacement and meniscus bucket tear back in February 2020. My doctor, who treats professional athletes such as the Anaheim Ducks and Los Angeles Angels, highly recommended Steve from Gary’s. And today, I am very thankful that he did. Steve is very thorough, gentle, kind, and empathetic. He listens to your needs, how your mind and body is doing (on that particular day), and adjusts accordingly. But at the same time.. he creates a comprehensive program which pushes you to improve and get stronger as quickly as your body can handle. Today, 6 months later.. I feel like I am back at 100%. I am not, of course, as I will continue to see Steve until the end of the year. But I feel strong and confident and have been able to resume to almost all of my daily activities. Steve, and all of the staff at Gary’s (front desk girls and all of the PT aids are incredibly friendly and helpful!) are awesome!"
Sep 21, 2020
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"I'd like to commend the PT Aide, Jeno. Normally I'm very skittish around male health care providers. But he was sensitive and professional about that by telling me what he was doing beforehand. For example, he'd say "I'm moving your hair out of the way." I felt more at ease, as a result, and I appreciate that."
Aug 14, 2020
"The facility is very modern and consists of almost all the gym equipment similar to a gym. The staff are very courteous and friendly. The therapist - Link and his assistants are very professional. Today is my last day of my third physical therapy prescription."
Aug 12, 2020
"This group is outstanding providing exceptional professional care. They are patient, kind and encouraging. They teach you lifetime skills to improve your quality of life. I highly recommend them!"
Aug 06, 2020
"I am from out of state and needed hand therapy for 2-3 weeks while in California. Liz and Chelsea were both wonderful and I gained almost full function back in my hand and wrist just within the short time there. Liz also went out of her way to connect me with a good hand therapist back in Boston so I can continue my therapy!!! All the aides were also super welcoming and friendly and even remembered my name during my short stay. I would highly recommend my friends and family to Gary Souza Physical Therapy anytime!!! Thank you to all who helped me gain my right hand function back!!!"
Aug 03, 2020
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"Liz Souza, while cheerful and positive in demeanor, most impressed me with her experience, professionalism and ability to educate me about my ongoing progress and how to improve my condition. Samantha, Sammy, Ashley and the entire staff were very good at multi-tasking while still focussing on my requirements as a patient. I did not fee rushed nor ignored at any time. The front office staff were detailed, accommodated schedule changes and communicated with me as often as needed."
Apr 13, 2020
"Going to Gary Souza Associates for PT was a wonderful experience. I had a choice as to where I wanted to go for PT and chose Gary's as it was the closest to home. It was a great decision as I had no idea what to expect. The staff were all so pleasant and thoughtful and hands on. Steve and Kat were my therapists and I was well cared for with exercises that were helpful and strengthened my knee that I had fractured some months before. Both were very knowledgeable and I appreciated their professionalism. I would highly recommend this therapist's office to family and friends and especially so to my Orthopedic Doctor. The office staff were great also - friendly and very helpful with appointments."
Apr 13, 2020
"Love this place. The staff is attentive, caring, and supportive. The physical therapist, Link, took care of my mom nine years ago. I'm here now taking care of my needs. I'm happy to have Link help me also. The office place is spacious. Great view from the windows spanning the length of the space. Plenty of parking. Located in Diamond Bar, CA,"
Mar 09, 2020
"Olivia is fantastic!"
Mar 07, 2020
"I have been going to Gary for therapy for about two years. I can tell you that their professionalism and well trained staff have been amazing. I now feel 100% better from the injuries I have been treated for, the therapy approach was the best decision I made to avoid surgery and with the help of everyone at Gary's the outcome has been phenomenal. I want to acknowledge Steve for his help and dedication to his career to make us (patients) better. I also would like acknowledge Cat for her dedication and professionalism and patience to help us with the exercises and of course the entire staff. A well oiled machine. THANK YOU ðŸ'¨ðŸ»â€ðŸš'"
Feb 27, 2020
"Outstanding care, great PT’s, caring aides"
Feb 26, 2020
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Feb 06, 2020
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"Thank you to Liz Souza, Samantha, Sammy and everybody at Gary Souza & Associates. After breaking my arm at the wrist and surgery, I had a lot of stiffness in my fingers. Even after over a year had gone by, Liz Souza was confident that PT could get me back to full usage. Her patient expertise with the hands and the right exercises did just that! I am forever grateful. Very well managed and efficient office and staff. Highly recommend!"
Nov 22, 2019
Nov 21, 2019
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"My doctor referred me to Gary Souza office for a pinched nerve and help me recover much quicker than a expected. The physical therapist are very good"
Oct 29, 2019
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"Entire staff - front office and therapy area are extremely competent. Friendly, professional, knowledgeable- would highly recommend this clinic."
Oct 23, 2019
"I've been coming to Gary Souza Physical Therapy for the majority of 2019. First for PT prior to surgery, and now post surgery. Each employee I've encountered is caring and knowledgable. I absolutely love the heating pad they use to prepare my muscles for therapy. The excercises are tailored to my needs. I feel that my care and recovery are in capable hands. Dr. Shirley Wachi-See has been working directly with me. I've noticed a gradual improvement in my balance, coordination, and endurance. Improvement doesn't happen overnight, but I'm happy with my progress. I highly recommend this company to anyone seeking quality PT."
Oct 18, 2019
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"What a great place to come to at Gary Souza and Assoc. and have your physical therapy concerns done as you view all the foothill mountains. Everyone greets you with a smile as they get you ready for your pt. I've been to other locations but this place is certainly a 5 star rating for anyone's physical therapy concerns."
Oct 16, 2019
Oct 14, 2019
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"I've had 6 sessions. My therapist Olivia and her assistant Jeno are wonderful. They make sure I'm comfortable and only have me do what I am able. After 6 sessions I have noticed a marked improvement. The whole staff is professional and extremely friendly. I highly recommend Souza physical therapy. "
Oct 02, 2019
"I like the services and their professionalism. I would without doubt recommend this service to my friends"
Sep 19, 2019
"Olivia was/is very professional and knowledgeable. She was able to answer important questions. Gino also was professional and friendly. The staff are also friendly and professional."
Sep 13, 2019
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"Olivia was great. Your staff was busy all the time. The equipment worked every time. A good time every visit. Wish it didn't have to end. Thank you"
Sep 13, 2019
"Great environment with an amazing staff!"
Sep 12, 2019
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"Have been receiving PT at this place since 2004 for different injuries/issues. I have always received excellent care and my medical needs have been resolved."
Sep 05, 2019
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"For better or worse, physical therapy is a painful but necessary process when you have an injury. It takes a special group of people to focus on the healing, and help you through that pain. Gary M. Souza, Physical Therapy & Associates in Diamond Bar manages this by blending a modern facility, exceptionally friendly staff, with a relaxed casual atmosphere and a professional approach. PT is hard work for everyone involved, but they do their best to make the process approachable and manageable. It is my pleasure to highly recommend Gary M. Souza Physical Therapy by sharing my personal experiences. If you take the time to read through this lengthy review you will understand why I believe the services provided and every employee at Souza Physical Therapy are the best in this area. Every employee I have met over the last ten years has been committed to providing the best possible care to insure the maximum benefit. . The front office staff, physical therapists and their aides have all been pleasant, knowledgeable and committed to everyone who walks into the office. I really appreciate the fact that the front office is exceptional when it comes to handling schedules and most importantly insurance companies. My first therapist was Link Elliot and have continued to ask for him when I needed treatments. There have been some occasions when Link was not available and I had the opportunity to work with most of the other therapists. They were all equally as friendly, knowledgeable, and demonstrated the same level of genuine concern for helping me recover. I have visited Gary M. Souza Therapy hundreds of times in the 10 years I have needed treatments. I can honestly say I have met hundreds of other patients who were there for treatment and I have never heard anyone say anything negative about their treatment program, the office staff or their therapists. I was the women’s varsity basketball coach for nine years at Diamond Bar High School from 1992 until 2001 and sent all of my players in need of treatments for sports related injuries to Gary M. Souza Therapy with equally positive experiences. In the past 10 years I have experienced a variety of injuries and medical conditions with the most recent resulting from a terrible accident on March 19th of 2018 when I fell 20 feet from a ladder to a driveway. I spent 3 weeks in the Pomona Valley Hospital Trauma Center requiring major surgeries to my left hip and having my left elbow replaced, followed by another 9 weeks at the Park Regency Rehabilitation Center in La Habra beginning a long recovery. I was allowed to go home in June of 2018 leaving in a wheel chair. A week later I was being treated 3 times a week for up to two hours per session at Souza Physical Therapy in a very modern equipped therapy center. Today those two injuries have healed dramatically mostly through the efforts of the therapists at Gary M. Souza Therapy and I have only the highest praise for how much confidence I have in my recovery. Six years ago I began experiencing severe lower back pain. It progressively became so severe that four years ago I had an MRI completed through Magan Medical Center and was diagnosed with collapsed discs in my lower back. I began receiving epidural injections every 5-6 months to ease the pain. The injections helped but the pain never was as manageable as I had hoped for. I was taking a steady diet of hydrocodone to manage the pain which only masked the underlying problem. Three years ago my doctor recommended I try physical therapy and wrote out a prescription for me. I immediately contact the therapists I trusted at Gary M. Souza Therapy. Today, I no longer take hydrocodone or other prescription drugs for pain management and religiously do my home exercises. I still continue the home program they gave me 2-3 times a week and my pain is very manageable. Eight years ago I had a knee replacement and again started with a home therapy program but again quickly changed to Souza Physical Therapy. Today, I do not even notice I had a knee replacement."
Aug 31, 2019
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Aug 30, 2019
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Aug 04, 2019
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"I have been to this place for one year, for physical therapy following my left and right knee surgeries. All PTs and PT aides are excellent, professional, friendly and with sense of humor! They provide in depth evaluation and estalish work out plan for me to come back to play basketball again. Great appreciation to all the staff: Gary, Olivia, James, Shirley, Noelle, Estevan, Tina, Ash, Tiffany, Sam, Jeno, Sammy, Kath, Jenny. I will miss you guys."
Jul 26, 2019
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"Very friendly environment. Front desk is super efficient and happy to help. The aids make sure I am doing my exercises correctly and are very attentive to my needs. I’ve had Steve and Jessica as Therapist and they are both fantastic. Extremely gentle and caring. All the stretches and exercises are personalized to fit with my recovery. Highly recommend!"
Jul 25, 2019
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"This facility is a great, very professional. Treatments here made a significant difference in my daughter's recovery. "
Jul 21, 2019
"The best PT places I’ve ever been at. All the therapist know how to use myofacial therapy.Also, the aides are all helpful and attentive. Plus the front office is a pleasure to deal with!😎"
Jul 19, 2019
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"Very Knowledgeable staff. Hardworking professional environment. "
Jul 15, 2019
"I have been coming here after my accident at work, and every time I come they have been nothing but nice helpful and accommodating. The lady’s at the desk always attentive and cordial . My therapist is Steve and he’s really nice and pays attention at your needs . I feel much better every time I come for Theraphy. Along with the aids this place is A plus for recovery and costumer service. I recommend it 💯"
Jul 11, 2019
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"Everyone is very friendly and helpful here. They are always making sure I’m doing my exercises properly. I have gained confidence with my training and results."
Jul 03, 2019
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"Everyone is very good! I appreciate all of the therapists because I have used 3 of them. I love the conversations and the knowledge from the therapists are amazing! "
Jul 01, 2019
"Great place & people! Would highly recommend to others!"
Jun 19, 2019
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"Good staff - Physical Therapist are very caring and good with their patients "
Aug 23, 2016
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"In November 2014, I was in a serious accident that resulted in the need for a bone graft to my left forearm and insertion of a titanium plate with 13 prongs and screws… My wrist wouldn't move, at all, I couldn't put my thumb and index finger together, and even tearing a sugar packet open was impossible.

Luckily, I found Liz Souza…She was amazing - tough, focused on helping me recover, and consistently trying creative strategies…Liz made me a customized brace to assist in getting my hand to turn over. I was able to get back to around 85% of normal, and honestly, it's a lot farther than anyone expected. If you are interested in making a miraculous recovery, and are looking for a partner to assist and guide you through the process, Liz Souza and her expertise would be a great fit."

Troy Kisiel

"I have spent several months with Souza Physical Therapy following a lengthy hospitalization. I appreciate the individual care and attention that Steve Aviles and the staff have given me. Steve and the therapy plan he designed for me have pushed me and yet I feel safe when he is working with me. At my age, I didn’t think I would be able to progress much after my illness, but Steve has given me the confidence and motivation to continue to improve my strength and balance. I enjoy the atmosphere and friendly reception staff at the Center, and also appreciate their care and cooperation for several of my family members as well. Thank you, Steve and Souza staff!"

Teresa Ogawa

Steve Aviles designed a program specifically for my recovery and worked with me to ensure my success as one might do for a longtime friend…Liz E. was amazing in contacting my provider and setting up appointments and could not have been more gracious. The entire staff knew me and warmly welcomed me with each visit and was a delight in conversation. Everything from my physical treatment to the personal touch of every staff member I encountered was instrumental in my recovery. I have a ways to go before I am fully recovered, but with the guidance of your team of professionals, I armed with the tools I need to improve.

"Loved getting to know the staff while I got better. Also, I appreciated the 5pm appointments so that I didn't need to miss work."

"[They explained] exactly what was wrong and how to go about healing. I have a better understanding of how my body works."

"The Front Office staff provided written documentation regarding insurance payments prior to my treatment. The Therapist very quickly identified the type of therapy and developed an individualized plan that was flexible for my schedule and travel plans. Most importantly, improvement was realized in just a few days."

"As a health practitioner myself, I would rate your practice as exemplary! I will return if additional treatment is needed and I will refer others."

"The truth is, it was the quality of the care I have always received from your team that will bring me back in the future. I first visited your office in the late 80's and the treatment was excellent then, and continues to be excellent today. Thank you again for the highest quality care one could receive."